Digital TV & Video Ads Management

Digital TV & Video Ads Management

Overhaul your traditional TV-buying strategy to include Connected TV and OTT audiences to maximize the efficiency of your TV investment with the support of the Wizard Digital TV team.

Choose from a variety of video ad experiences optimized for desktop, mobile, and OTT environments and achieve maximum efficiency in your time, resources, delivery, and performance by letting Wizard manage your campaigns.

We offer customized targeting to advanced audience segments such as Auto Intenders, Parents, Vacationers, Voters and more. We provide strategic audience-planning to tap into rich forecasting and targeting capabilities to ensure ads are delivered to the right audience at the ideal time. We ensure your campaigns are continually optimized for delivery and performance.

We believe in transparency. You will always know where your ads are running with reporting and insights.

We allow buys programmatically through our integrations, offering more than 60 DSP partners with strategic inventory recommendations and full support in bid analysis, reporting, and campaign optimizations from our team.

Protect your investment with the fraud-free guarantee program provided by our supplier and ensure that your advertising aligns with industry-leading quality standards. We manage your video advertising budget through YouTube ads, Connected TV, OTT advertising, Pre-roll ads outside of YouTube, and by using video on Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram.

For our valued clients, we can also help increase tracking and transparency for cable TV and radio ad buys through Google Analytics.